Creative / Art Direction

Mark’s designs take root in paper and pencil. By understanding his clients needs, his ability to move from concept to final delivery is seamless. It’s a privilege to work alongside someone who’s truly inspiring - while being able to translate those ideas digitally into polished next-level work. To see more of what Marks’ been up to visit 247mark.com.


Film Direction / Production

Mark’s ability to produce in the world of film is second to none. Although young compared to most producers + directors with his level of experience, Mark’s ability on-set + off is clear to any who observe him at work. With his first feature film directorial debut completed in 2013, it’s clear the guy’s just getting started. For more on his larger projects, check-out Slipstream-ent.com.



Sound + Score Composition

If you ever have the chance to talk shop with Josh you’ll immediately understand the creative well goes deep. Technically his ability is on par with the craziness he conjures up, allowing it to come to life in ways that are absolutely excellent. Josh’s company is Mixed Media, with new work being found at soundcloud.com/mixed-media-audio.


GFX / Post-Production

Daniel Fraser works visual wonders on the screen. Having a creative like Daniel in the mix elevates all of the work to a completely different level. His flexibility in being able to scale production up or down depending on needs while still achieving necessary objectives is a major asset. To see more of his work check out his site at 3d-art-fx.com.



Client Lead / Project Managment

Sarah May has to be one of the sharpest project managers around, with a unique ability to bring calm to the storm of complicated projects. Her approach to planning is comprehensive, able to maintain communication with all parties involved in clear, positive and prompt ways. With a background in tourism + business , it’s no wonder there’s a through line of attraction in all she does.


Development / Production

Caleb Pedosiuk - That would be me. Not much else to know beyond the fact that I enjoy what I do in creating + collaborating. Every project brings new lessons, insights + rewards. Somewhere in the blend of it all is a magic that keeps bringing me back to it, each time with a little more to bring to the table. I am very thankful to do what I do + work with the people I’ve had the honour of working alongside since day one.